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Single-Sourcing for Enterprise Documentation and Web Content

The Savant team designs and implements technical and marketing content generation processes to make content available in various formats. This proven, innovative and cost-effective approach ensures ease of content creation and reuse within a collaborative environment.Major benefits of the Savant method:

  • Only one content source needs to be maintained. Updates in one location are reflected throughout your enterprise documentation!
  • No more outdated or incorrect content or documents on your website or intranet.
  • Datasheets, application notes, product brochures, one-pagers and website content reflect the latest, most accurate content in all formats.
  • Time-stamped and revision-controlled documents for customer download from your website.
  • Rules-based and automated enterprise content management and document control.
  • The fastest time-to-publication for new product launches and introductions.
  • Unified technical and marketing content creation, review and publication.
  • Measurable cost savings and improved ROI in content creation.

With over 20 years of proven success in the major high-tech space, Savant transforms document creation into your competitive advantage.

  • Metrics-based results monitoring of customer satisfaction to drive improvements and ROI.
  • Standards and skills training to align customer-facing documentation across businesses and geographies.
  • Optimized operations for greater productivity, efficiency, quality, consistency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions using enterprise-wide collaborative, DITA-compliant, XML and wiki-based documentation systems.

The Savant method streamlines the creation, maintenance and reuse of customer-facing, development and specification content to make them your blockbuster products.



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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Create value and deliver bottom-line results for your organization by customize professional training for your organization

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Product Marketing

Product Marketing

Savant marketing experts can work with you and your organization to meet your marketing challenges

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