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Savant e-Learning Solutions

We design measurable eLearning solutions to boost the performance of your worldwide sales team...

Savant team in collaboration with your organization will prepare highly targeted and customized online short courses, using the most modern instructional design and visual design principles, to create an impactful and measurable learning experience for your worldwide team (i.e., marketing, sales, representatives, distributions, value added resellers, etc.).

Our goal is to develop highly-effective online short courses that would train your sales organization on the most important aspects of your technologies, products, and solutions to increase meaningful customer interactions and design wins.

We use leading edge technologies and interactive techniques (i.e., consistent and well-designed templates, stories, scenarios, gamification, themes, etc.) to offer impactful training programs that would encourage learners to stay engaged, and rely on these programs as their partner for success.

We succeed only when you are convinced that our eLearning solution should be an integral part of all your new product launches. With extensive custom eLearning development experience, Savant is the learning partner you are looking for. We work closely with our worldwide clients to identify the most effective eLearning solutions that would meet their specific sales goals, timelines and budget.

Our online technology training classes would be designed to address your sales and marketing short- and long-term worldwide business development needs and sales results. We develop measurable learning solutions for every level of your worldwide sales channel with specific content that would meet their level of expertise, schedule, and sales objectives.

Savant has a proven ability to use your existing training content (PDFs, PPTs, etc.), marketing and sales collaterals, and other product-related content such as data sheets, product briefs, application notes, white papers, and users’ guides, to create highly effective custom eLearning courses for your worldwide operation.

Our courses are SCORM and AICC compliant to help you track the learner’s progress via the Learning Management Systems (LMS), and we work with your IT team to systematically associate and measure your team’s training progress against your organization’s new design win activities.

We can provide you with a proposal that shows you how we could bring a measurable eLearning program to your organization, regardless of your company size, or the number of products that you are selling globally. Contact us to start your eLearning experience!

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Corporate Training

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Product Marketing

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