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Global Negotiations for Technical Professionals

Today's business world is a small village where people on several continents are interacting real-time to collaborate on product development, promotion, support, and services. For example, pieces of a finished product are typically manufactured separately, then built in different locations (often on different continents), and finally shipped to a contract manufacturer (CM) that will ship the final assembled product to customers all over the world. Negotiation is often the key to success in each step of this product-development process, and negotiation is even more important afterward, especially in marketing and promoting the products and services.

Indeed, this complicated process requires many levels of negotiation in order to work smoothly, for example, negotiation on technology, manufacturing services, intellectual properties, pricing and exchange rates, business tracking, and much more. The negotiations can be face-to-face, via e-mails, or via telephone, and they may be with people from many different cultures speaking different languages.

The Savant Global Negotiations for Technical Professionals Seminar uses lecture, role-playing, and videos to prepare you for these negotiation challenges. Some of the areas this seminar will cover are:

  • What is negotiation?
  • Information is power
  • Focus first on understanding
  • Active listening techniques
  • Questioning techniques
  • Using nonverbal communications that support your position
  • Learning to love to negotiate
  • Mastering interpersonal communications styles
  • Coping with intimidation, threats, conflicts, deadlocks
  • Gaining leverage, making offers, when and how to compromise, avoiding concessions
  • Negotiating in cross-cultural business situations
  • Negotiating in existing on-going relationships
  • Negotiating when there is a significant gap between parties
  • Negotiating in highly sensitive and complicated situations

Who Should Attend

This one-day seminar is designed for all business professionals and academics who make presentations as part of their day-to-day activities. Regardless of your current level of proficiency, you will learn new techniques that will improve your overall skill set in this key area.

For schedule and location information, please contact: (or) 949-981-1837



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