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What did participants say?

Here are selected comments from Savant Seminar attendees and Savant Conference presenters and attendees:


“Multi-core SoC designs are getting more complex and challenging as the industry moves toward sub-45nm geometries. The 7th International SoC Conference provides an outstanding venue for the electronics industry to address some of the most important challenges and issues in designing and developing complex SoCs.” Ted Vucurevich, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cadence Design Systems, Inc.




"From highly integrated single-chip smart phones to innovative BioChips, new chip designs are being architected and designed using complex System-on-Chip methodologies and approaches.  Each year, in a very informative and targeted forum, the International SoC Conference addresses various aspects of the SoC/ASIC architecture, design, and implementation by introducing the best practical technologies that industry and academia has been developing.” — Dr. Goran Matijasevic, Director of Research Development, The Henry Samueli School of Engineering, UC Irvine.


“Altera’s leading-edge 40 nm FPGA technology enables system architects to use the inherent capabilities of programmable logic as a highly viable solution for complex SoCs. At the 6th International SoC Conference and Workshops, we are presenting our 40 nm FPGA solutions to conference attendees and conducting a half-day workshop focusing on leading-edge, high-speed FPGA transceiver technology that examines the performance and capabilities of Altera’s new Stratix IV GX FPGA. We believe this is an outstanding forum for us to share our latest technology with a very targeted and focused engineering audience.” Dr. Mojy Chian, Vice President of Technology Development, Altera Corporation.




"Thank you for putting a great show together . . . the quality of presentation and participation was outstanding. I look forward to next year’s event." Glenn Perry,  General Manager HDL Design Creation,  Mentor Graphics Corporation.


"The 6th International SoC conference was a great opportunity to network with a wide cross-section of players in the semiconductor value chain from OEMs to EDA tool vendors. The topics covered by the speakers were very interesting in that they pushed outside the boundaries of traditional SoC design to cover new techniques and trends. Most importantly though, the speakers were generally of a very high calibre and understood both the technology and the business implications of the topics under discussion in order to give balanced and insightful opinions."
Mark Barry, Technology Innovation Manager, Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3).

"The latest and 6th installment of the annual SoC Conference arranged by Savant Company Inc clearly demonstrates that this conference has become a truly excellent forum for education, exchange of ideas, networking and discussions on the topic of "System on Chip". This years' event included a diverse range of speakers from both industrial and academic pursuits as well as panel discussions involving entrepreneurs, consultants and IP specialists. Anyone interested in this topic would be well served by attending or presenting at this event. Many thanks to Savant Company Inc team." Philip Cacharelis, Engineering Director - Full Service Foundry SBU, Austriamicrosystems AG.


"Having been involved with the very first conference, I would like to congratulate Savant Company Inc team for completing yet another great conference, Savant team have done a great job for inviting top level experts to present the latest SoC related topics, keep up the good work." — Nader Bagherzadeh,  Professor,  University of California, Irvine.  



“The 5th International SoC Conference promises to surpass its already impressive venue by including even more facets of IC Design such as a series of excellent embedded memory IP presentations., I am very pleased to continue my support of such an innovative, informative, and interactive conference. I recommend this outstanding event to anyone who is involved in designing complex SoCs.” Arup Gupta, Director of Wireless Platform Technologies, Ultra Mobility Group, Intel Corporation.


"The team at Savant should be applauded for bringing together such a fine collection of SoC technologists to Southern California. While the venue is easy access to the many local semiconductor-related companies, there are also a good sampling of attendees and presenters from across the country and around the globe." Steve Cox, VP Business Development North America, Target Compiler Technologies.  


  “The 5th International SoC conference was a good mix of business and technical presentations making the conference very unique. On top of that I found a great place to learn about future progresses and challenges in building complex SoCs." Antonio-Marcello Coppola, Head of the Grenoble Research Laboratory, ST Microelectronics.


“The 5th international SoC conference was a great opportunity to network with over 200 professionals from the leading companies in the industry and to sense the pulse of where things are in the SoC domain.  The variety of topics and speakers ensured that every attendee picked up some new information and probably triggered lots of business and technology opportunities." Rafi Nave, CTO, Tower Semiconductor.




"I did find the quality of the 5th International SoC Conference presenters to be exceptional, and their insights interesting, timely and relevant. Not only were a wide array of design challenges and technology trends represented, the speakers were engaging as well." Dr. Tom Sheffler, Senior Principal Engineer, Rambus.


“The SoC Conference has established itself as a great venue for forward-looking technology discussions as well as being a great networking event.” Steve Carlson, Vice President Technology, Cadence Design Systems.




“The value-added component in GPS-capable products is increasingly focused on OEM form factors (including ASICs, FPGAs, and SoCs) used by design engineers and system developers. The Savant 5th SoC Conference exposes attendees to the current design issues and provides leading-edge solutions for the engineering community facing these challenges.” Glen Gibbons, Inside GNSS, Editor and Managing Partner.


"The 5th System-on-Chip Conference provided an outstanding opportunity to learn and to discuss state-of-art advancements in the semiconductor industry. The topics presented covered a wide spectrum of SoC issues. The presenters and panelist were all knowledgeable in their respective areas of specialization and shared insightful material with the audience. As a panelist I had the pleasure of exchanging ideas with other industry leaders in the Foundry, ASIC and Structured ASIC industry. The panel helped enable both vendors and users of the technology to participate live in a healthy discussion and share their experiences – A rare opportunity indeed. Savant team once again did a fantastic job identifying the appropriate individuals across the semi industry that really understand the business and underlying issues. I look forward to the 2008 conference." Chris Moezzi, Vice President of Business Development, Faraday Technology.




“As the wireless industry moves forward, System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions will continue taking on new levels of design functionality to support more complex applications. Going beyond the myriad devices on a single substrate is the future of SoC.  Savant’s 5th International SoC Conference provides a venue for the electronics industry to address some of the most important challenges and issues in designing and developing complex SoCs.” Clint Powell, Freescale’s Wireless Connectivity Operations Global Platform System and Architecture Manager.


"After attending the 'Doing Business with Japan' seminar I came away with several essential practices to use in increasing our business relationships in Japan.  Farhad's delivery of real-life anecdotes and insights will be a key to my future success." Dave Carlson, Asia-Pacific Sales, Symmetricom, Inc.




"The 4th international SoC conference exposed me to the new trends that characterize the rapidly changing SoC world. In addition to presentations on design technology and market trends, many advanced technologies were discussed in detail by world-renowned specialists. All these talks provided an in-depth analysis of the recent advances in the field and gave me a preview of the leading industry trends. I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the organization." Dr. Pierre Fazan, Founder & CTO, Innovative Silicon.



“The 4th International SoC Conference was very informative.  The technical sessions were excellent and what I enjoyed best was the panel discussion in which I was able to ask the industry experts for their opinions on why integrating mixed analog and digital circuits in one large SoC is still a black magic art.” Dr. Thanh Tran, DSP Technology, Texas Instruments.





"It was my pleasure to participate at the 4th SoC Conference on the panel 'Architectural and Performance-Related Challenges for Complex SoCs.' Among other things, it was a unique opportunity to share ideas from both an IC design and manufacturing perspective on the approaches being debated with regards to analog/digital system partitioning for SoCs targeting future scaled CMOS nodes."Dr. Marco Racanelli, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology & Engineering, Jazz Semiconductor.


"The 4th SoC Conference is a unique opportunity to keep up to date with the latest technological advances in SoC design and implementations. The conference is very well attended by leaders in industry and academia. The atmosphere provides for a wealth of opportunities to interact with individuals at the forefront of this field." Dr. Fabrizio Petrini, Applied Computer Science Group,  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  





"The 4th International SoC Conference and the accompanying technical exhibits were indicative of the reach of Savant in the corporate world doing business in this area. Whether the topic was 45 nm feature length or the choice of material or design software, the content was cutting-edge, informative and practical. The increasing participation from Europe and Asia emphatically puts the accent on the international nature of the conference. All in all the conference was a major success." Dr. Raman Menon Unnikrishnan, Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science,  California State University Fullerton, Fullerton.



"International SoC Conference is a great venue for engineers and researchers from all over the world, but in particular surrounding counties and cities, to exchange new design experiences and innovative ideas. This young but effective Newport Beach conference has filled out a very important gap for coverage of this important topic for NA areas." Dr. Nader Bagherzadeh, Professor of Computer Engineering, University of California, Irvine.





"I enjoyed the Savant 4th SoC conference because it was a good mix of business and technical presentations. It was useful for me to see what other SoC companies are doing and to hear talks from people involved in venture funding. Two talks I particularly like were by Gagan Hasteer and Juan Antonio Carballo." Dr.  Carl Pixley, Group Manager, Synopsys, Inc.



"This event simply becomes better every year. This year's papers included deep and very powerful presentations on diverse, important, and cutting-edge topics such as MPSOC design, on-chip communications architectures, and advanced 3D chip packaging. As a result, this conference has become a can't-miss event for anyone closely involved with SOC development and marketing."Steve Leibson, Technology Evangelist Tensilica, Inc.





"The 4th SoC Design Conference was very useful and dealt with real-world, roll-up your sleeves and get the project done issues. Good content, good networking." Max Lloyd, CEO, ViASIC.


"I rarely write in support of a conference, but I have found the International SoC Design Conference to be one of the most useful independent venues for information regarding system-on-chip (SoC) design techniques and technologies. It brings together the suppliers of intellectual property, design tool providers, and the ASIC designers, allowing them to exchange ideas and explore new design approaches." Dave Bursky, Editor-at-Large, Electronic Design Magazine.




“It was pleasure speaking to a savvy audience at the 3rd International SoC Conference. This conference focuses on SoC and important issues related to electronics design, which lack the attention at similar events. The presentations and the topics covered at the conference were relevant and demonstrated today’s trends and technology challenges. In addition, the agenda breakout was efficient so that I could be there for all the presentations that were meaningful for me. And finally, we all enjoyed the conference networking value.” Ronnie Vasishta, eASIC CEO.  


"The 3rd international SoC conference offered remarkable exposure and the necessary experience into the rapidly changing SoC market.  Many good presenters from the industry and the academia provided in-depth analysis of new technological advances and insight into the leading current industry trends.  I was very impressed with the quality of the presenters and the large number of attendees from many leading companies." — Behzad Sanii, Technical Marketing Director, Toshiba America Electronic Components.




"The 3rd International SoC Conference was a wonderfully organized conference. The conference provided an excellent forum for engineers and researchers to present the latest developments in SoC and the important issues related to electronics design. In addition to the technical sessions of submitted paper presentations, the commercial exhibits gave us the additional opportunity to speak to the various industry participants and develop contacts." — Dr. Susamma Barua, Director & Professor, Computer Engineering Program, California State University, Fullerton


"The 3rd SoC Conference was very well-organized and well-run, with comprehensive and informative sessions on various aspects of today's increasingly complex SoCs.  It was Aplus' honor to present in the Memory Subsystems Track along with many world-class companies, which allowed us to reach a broad audience on the subject of our non-volatile memory IP for next-generation SoCs." Peter Lee, CEO & President, Aplus Flash Technology.






"It was my honor to present to the third International SoC conference. The conference clearly represents the cutting edge in system-on-a-chip design strategies, and it provided an outstanding, highly targeted forum through which to share some of our company's work in this area." Adam Traidman, President, Giga Scale Integration Corp.

"SoC conference is a great forum to educate and learn about the progress, inventions and difficulties facing the implementation of SoC." Wing Leung, MoSys, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer and a board member.




"SOC is a small wonderful conference at a nice location in Orange County. It gave me a high level view of SOC technology and the challenges it faces". Professor Rao Tummala, Pettit Chair Professor and Director of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Packaging Research Center.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of papers, level of participation and the excellent panel topics at the 2nd International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference”Arup Gupta, CTO Consumer Electronics Group. Intel Corp.





"A comprehensive conference on the hottest issues in SoC design"—Dr. Giovanni De Micheli, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University.



 “The 2nd SoC Conference was outstanding.  I am glad to see many good presentations related to SoC technologies and looking forward to being at the 3rd SoC conference.Dr. Thanh Tran, Senior Member Technical Staff,  Texas Instruments Inc.





"The International SoC Conference provided an excellent forum for surfacing the challenging issues facing today’s electronic design teams.  The technical presentations provided insight to library groups, design engineers and engineering management on the tools and techniques being developed and implemented that make the successful design of nanometer level silicon possible."  Dennis George, Director of Product Marketing, Magma Design Automation.



"The 2nd International SOC Conference brought together a great selection of users and vendors to discuss the realities and the challenges of implementing SOCs. The focus on IP was especially timely and I found the IP presentations and discussions to be very insightful and valuable."Guri Stark, Vice President of Marketing, Solution Group. Synopsys, Inc.





“The 2nd SoC Conference provided a valuable forum for opinion leaders to gather. In particular, the panel discussion ‘EDA Tools and Methodologies for 90nm and Beyond’ brought to light the continued pressure to bring back-end and front-end processes closer together. Early analysis and impact to the design is the only way to keep ahead of the game. This calls for a system to analyze and affect the design in the logical, temporal, power, test, and physical domains.” Dr. Bernard Murphy, CTO, Atrenta, Inc



"The 2nd International SoC Conference provided an excellent forum for discussions on current issues and trends in technology and business.  It is very informative and I enjoyed very much by attending the conference. As SoC is becoming the mainstream approach for designing microelectronic systems, the gap between engineering education and industry practice is widened.  I hope in the future I'll see more conference participants from the academic society." Donald Hung, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Computer Engineering. San Jose State University.





"What an excellent conference! The panel discussions, presentations, and table times exceeded my expectations. Quality resounded from the presenters and the material presented. Even the food was especially tasty. My students and I made numerous contacts and we can't wait for the next Savant conference!"—Professor Tamara A. Papalias.  San Jose State University. Dept. of Electrical Engineering.




“The First International Conference on System on a Chip (SoC) was a great success by any standards. It brought together a diverse group of professional entities--practitioners and academicians, engineers and researchers, small companies and large corporations. The sessions were focused, lively and informative. The exhibits allowed professional awareness and interchanges. Undoubtedly, Savant receives an emphatic ‘A+’ for its efforts and accomplishments in organizing this conference.” Dr. Raman Menon Unnikrishnan, Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, California State University, Fullerton.


  "The value of having direct access to some of the brightest, most forward-looking experts in the SoC industry cannot be overstated. The Savant SoC Conference provides just such a valuable and rewarding experience." David Fritz, VP Marketing, ARC International.


“The conference attracted a high quality of attendees and provided the opportunity to have some very good technical and business discussions.”   Steve Carlson, Engineering Director, Cadence Design Systems.


  “Many of the presentations were of extremely high quality with excellent technical content. Anyone involved in SOC design or in the management of an SOC design team would benefit from the information provided by the speakers and panelists at this conference.” Steve Leibson, Technology Evangelist and Strategic Marketing Manager Tensilica, Inc.


“The 1st International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference provided a forum for discussion and a very useful update on recent advancements in SoC technology from many perspectives.” Eric S. Collins, Chief Technology Officer, MediaWorks Integrated Systems, Inc.


  "I was impressed with the relevant and timely topics covered at the 1st International System-on-Chip (SoC) Conference. For a first time conference, was impressed with the number of attendees as well as the number of management-level attendees that stopped by our exhibit." Mike Emley, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Sycon Design Inc.


“The 1st System-on-Chip Conference provided an excellent forum for technology leaders and academia to discuss some of the most innovative configurable processor architectures and their system level integration in SoC-based applications. The presentations were up-to-date and very informative. We are looking forward to the 2nd conference.” Shahriar Sadri, President and CEO, Morpho Technologies.


  “Given the current growth of SoC design and presence of many wireless and communication chip design companies in Orange County, it is of great importance that the first SOC conference was held here, bringing together experts in the field for discussions and exchange of ideas for such an important subject.” Dr. Nader Bagherzadeh, Professor, Computer and Electronic Engineering Department, UCI.


“Thanks for organizing a great conference and exhibition which we at IndigoVision consider to have been a great success. We exhibited our silicon verified MPEG-4 Codec which we supply to ASIC and SOC designers worldwide at the 1st International System-on-Chip (SOC) Conference and we were impressed by both the quantity and quality of the conference attendees. We will definitely be returning next year for the 2nd SOC Conference." Steve Wright, ASIC Manager, IndigoVision Limited, The Edinburgh Technopole, Bush Loan, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.


  “I believe Savant has done an outstanding job in organizing the 1st SoC Conference and Exhibition. This highly technical conference provided an excellent forum for both technical and real-life business discussions." Jauher Zaidi, President and CEO, Palmchip Corporation.


“The 1st International System-on-Chip Conference was a significant technology forum in Orange County with more than 35 leading-edge companies presenting their latest technologies, products, and solutions. Savant Company Inc. has done an outstanding job in organizing this unique and innovative event in Newport Beach.”  Paul Garza, Jr., Vice-President, Economic and Workforce Development, Orange County Business Council.


  “Participation in the Savant 1st International SoC Conference has provided us with valuable insights into the challenges faced by our customers who are designing advanced chips. The knowledge gained should allow us to help them reach their market faster.”  Martine Simard-Normandin, Ph.D., President and CEO, MuAnalysis.


“The 1st System-on-Chip (SoC) conference provided a much-needed forum to discuss some of the most important and challenging issues in today’s SoC design and development. It was a good opportunity to see the EDA tools and the associated design tools presented in the conference exhibition as well as the latest products from various leading-edge companies.” Khaled Amer, President, AmerNet Inc. Modeling Specialists - Performance Optimization.


  “Excellent opportunity for timely overview of the state-of-the-art challenges, capabilities and opportunities in System-on-Chip based products and technologies. We are already looking forward to the next conference." Siamack Haghighi, Ph.D., President and Chief Technology Officer, Adaptive Labs Inc.


"The conference offered a great opportunity for industry and academia to interact in a relaxed manner that facilitated an exchange of ideas and thoughts on SoC technology. On the one hand, the presenters were challenged with questions that reflected both industry trends as well as academic interests. On the other hand, attendees gained an in-depth knowledge of SoC technologies in a very short period." Shri Sundaram, Business Development Manager, Toshiba America Electronic Components.


  “To me, SoC design will become more and more important. To have a conference like this one will help everyone in the industry. This conference covers many aspects of the SoC design. It’s great to hear voices from many different segments of the industry.” Patrick Lin, Engineering Director, UMC.


“I found at the SOC Conference a good collection of opinions and insights into the issues of implementing custom logic in PLDs, Structured ASICs or Standard Cells.  It was always possible to 'buttonhole the speaker and gain further insights.’  This wide-open field has no clear winner today, but many claimants and a fast-moving technology that satisfies both the technical requirements and the business needs.”  Lane Mason, Director of Engineering, Denali. 


  “Savant's SoC conference provided outstanding insights on the latest SoC technology.  It also provided a terrific opportunity to connect with professional colleagues.” Andrew Johnson, Vice President, LHH.


"1st SoC is a refreshing departure from previous SoC conferences. In addition to the standard coverage of design tools, 1st SoC covered a comprehensive range of topics, including analog, logic, memory, and microprocessor issues. The presenters and the audience included representation from IDMs, fabless chip-makers, system OEMs, covering a spectrum of custom, programmable, and standard solutions, and a variety of suppliers to all of them, such as foundries, SIP suppliers, and tool companies. It was very well done. I look forward to 2nd SoC." Mike Timlin, Vice President, Sales,  Palmchip Corporation.


  "I'm very glad I attended the SoC conference. It was an excellent networking opportunity for everyone involved with system-on-chip technology and business. I met high level contacts at prominent technology companies."  Christie Brockhage, Regional Manager, Business Wire. 


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