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December 8, 2003


IRVINE, Calif., December 8, 2003 – Farhad Mafie, a former Vice President with Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. today announced the formal launch of Savant Company Inc. Savant provides marketing solutions, market intelligence, and technology/business forums such as conferences and seminars to the technology industry. The Savant multidimensional business model serves the needs of both large and small companies.

“Our main goal is to assist technology companies by developing a commercialization process that matches their new technology, applications, segmentation strategy, or geographical focus,” said Farhad Mafie, president and chief executive officer of Savant Company Inc. “The commercialization of leading-edge complex technologies requires that these technologies be brought to a practical level that can be easily communicated, well understood and effectively used by both technical and non-technical business professionals in the global technology industry.” He added that the company will offer a range of targeted services, including consulting, reports, conferences, seminars, workshops and newsletters.

“The innovative Savant approach provides a much-needed answer for business professionals seeking to adopt leading-edge technologies such as biometrics, biochip, nanotechnology, system-on-chip, wireless and wearable computing as well as to acquire globally tuned business skills. The company’s product marketing and market research capabilities are excellent resources for professionals tasked with making complex technical and marketing decisions,” said Jauher Zaidi, president and CEO of Palmchip Corporation.

The Savant Team

  1. The Savant Advisory Board: A group of highly skilled, proven leaders in the industry are collaborating with Savant on its strategies, partnerships and alliances.
  2. Savant Affiliates: The Savant business model allows for the best experts, technologists and leaders in industry and in academia to share their expertise with business professionals in the technology industry.

For a list of Savant’s Advisory Board and selected Affiliates, along with their professional biographical sketches, please visit

Savant: An Answer to Market Needs

The typical employment cycle in North America has shrunk to 18 to 36 months and is decreasing rapidly. Frequent, focused training is needed at all levels to meet the new employment model and its related challenges in North America. Technology is advancing faster than at any other time in history; professionals need continuous education that matches this pace. At the same time, business professional are challenged by information overflow and need targeted data that will enable them to understand a certain technology or certain market challenges prior to making their complex business decisions. They need to be globally aware and develop appropriate skill sets to be effective in their day-to-day activities.

About Savant Company Inc.

Savant Company Inc. provides sales, marketing, and business development consulting services for semiconductor IP and IC companies on a worldwide basis. Savant also provides leading-edge conferences, seminars, marketing and technology intelligence reports, and executive briefings for high-tech communities globally. Savant relies on the combined technical expertise and professional leadership of Savant Affiliates and Savant’s highly respected Advisory Board. Together, they ensure the quality of Savant’s training programs, conferences, seminars, etc., to business professionals worldwide. Savant Company Inc. is independently owned and independently operated and is incorporated in the State of California. For additional information on the company or its products and services, please visit or

For marketing inquiries, please e-mail or call 949-981-1837.

Editor’s Note: For reader inquiries please publish All information in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement but is subject to change without prior notice.

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