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Writing Effective Business E-Mails

In today's business world, e-mail has become the most common form of written communication. E-mails are replacing letters as the medium for communicating with others outside of the organization, and they are replacing memos as the medium for communicating inside the organization. As with letters and memos, e-mails reflect the writer’s professionalism.  Grammatical errors, misspellings, confusing sentences, incomplete thoughts, negative tone—all detract from the message, and perhaps more importantly, all comment of the writer’s lack of professionalism.  

The Savant Writing Effective E-Mails Seminar will equip you with the skills and techniques you need to write effective e-mail messages, messages that are courteous, complete, concise, and positive.  You will learn to organize your messages using the two organizational plans that all experts recommend.  You will learn to quickly identify the specific purpose of each message and the best method to present your “news” to each reader. And you will learn how to draft quickly and edit professionally.

Whether you write e-mail messages to request information, assign action items, give directions, announce changes, clarify policies, reject suggestions, or schedule meetings, you will master techniques that will save you time and greatly improve the effectiveness of your e-mails.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for all business professionals who are interested in communicating more effectively through their e-mails and at the same time increasing their business productivity by spending less time on e-mail writing. 

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