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Vocabulary Mastery for Professionals

Question:  Which single criterion is most frequently used to evaluate a person's intelligence and educational level?

Answer:  For many, the answer lies in that person’s communication skill—or more specifically, that person’s use of vocabulary.


Fact:  English has more words than any other language.  Fact:  By itself, English has more words than the next four languages on the list!


One “trick” to mastering such a large number of words is to develop the ability to identify the patterns that connect English word families—the shared elements within word clusters.  For example, the simple root -duc- (from a Latin word meaning “to lead”) connects a cluster of words that include duke (essentially, “leader”), duchess, introduce, induce, inductive, deductive, reduce, produce, seduce, and educate (and, of course, their many derivates, such as production and productive).  A prolific word group!


Identifying patterns of a relatively few word beginnings (prefixes), word roots, and word endings (suffixes) opens the door to understanding—and remembering—many, many English words.


In addition to providing information that is fundamental to successful communication skill, this workshop also provides word histories just for fun!  For example, did you know that villain once meant “manager of a villa”?  That the word sinister is derived from the Latin word for “left”?  That the original English word for left is awk (yes, the same awk that survives in awkward)?  That September, October, November, and December—the ninth through twelfth months—really mean “seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth”?


Find out why!  Join us for our next session of  “Vocabulary Mastery for Professionals.”


Fact:  Your real learning will begin after this session, when you start implementing the new vocabulary self-study techniques you master in this seminar!


Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for all business professionals who are interested in improving their communication skills and, specifically, their word skills.

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