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The Top 21 Errors in Writing

Before e-mails, a grammatical error might be read only by one reader of our letter or memo.  But today, thanks to the Internet, a single error could be shared with many readers—perhaps worldwide!

Statistically, most business writers tend to make the same errors.  Savant's Top 21 Errors in Writing Seminar focuses on these errors—the ones that business executives like you are most likely to make.  More importantly, this seminar focuses on simple, easy-to-remember patterns that allow you to understand, remember, and correct these errors.  At the same time, this seminar also addresses the most common punctuation errors—again, the ones you are most likely to make.

The Savant Grammar Seminar offers a surprisingly huge payoff:  It simplifies what appear to be complex solutions to writing problems. The result?  High-quality, clear, concise letters, e-mails, press releases, fliers, marketing brochures, users' manuals, and so on.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for everyone who writes! All professionals who are interested in improving their overall writing skills will benefit from this information-packed day.   


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