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Technologies for the Digital Consumer: An Overview

Technology and standards in the digital consumer market segment are changing very rapidly. Many new standards are affecting new designs and product developments. Technologies for PCs, PDAs, TVs, home appliances, home securities, etc., are converging, and many of their functionalities and features are overlapping. For those who are planning, defining, and developing these products, the challenges include providing seamless data and content sharing for the non-technical consumer and making digital consumer products work together seamlessly.

In this full-day seminar, we will review existing digital consumer challenges, such as DVI, DAVIC, HDMI, OpenCable, DVD, TV Anytime, MPEG,  and the PC-based technologies. We will also discuss the most up-to-date trends, system-related standards, interfaces, and technologies that are influencing the next generation of digital consumer products. Key hardware (System-on-Chip and Application Specific Standard Products), software (new and emerging tools and challenges with Linux and other operating systems), and system issues will be identified and reviewed with participants in real-world brainstorming sessions. New and emerging sub-segments of the digital consumer market will be discussed, as well as the major players in those areas.

Who Should Attend

This one-day seminar is designed for all business executives, marketing, sales, and business development professionals, and all those who are interested in getting a comprehensive overview of the new trends, standards, and technologies that are shaping next-generation products and solutions in the digital consumer market segment.


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