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Home Gateway Seminar

In the workplace we share content, resources, information, etc., on a daily basis.  At home we now have the same challenge of sharing content, resources, information, etc., with the additional challenges of movies, audio/video, security, and much more. Home gateway is the common name used to describe this centerpiece for controlling and managing all these services via one centralized mechanism. 

Many companies are looking at developing home gateway solutions through a variety of products and services. Everyone has an opinion. The PC techies would like to make the PC the centerpiece of the home gateway, the TV manufacturers would like to add all the features of home gateway to their new TVs, stereo makers see their stereos as the real gateway centerpiece, and so on. What is the best technology solution to the consumer? This and other questions will be addressed and discussed in this seminar. In addition, we will review the underlying technology, software issues, and interoperability issues for this emerging segment. We will also review the key players, their products/solutions.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for all technology and business executives and for marketing, sales, business development, engineers, and other professionals who are interested in a comprehensive overview of this emerging segment from marketing, business, and technology viewpoints.  

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