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Communication in Business Seminar

Business involves working with people, and people means communicating.  We communicate verbally by writing, speaking, listening, and reading.  We communicate nonverbally in an even wider variety of ways, including facial expressions, gestures, posture, and eye contact.  To complicate matters, in today's highly competitive business world we often work with people from different cultures, cultures that may communicate using different sets of “rules.”

Yes, communication plays a significant role in our lives, and miscommunication is dangerous. As managers and supervisors, how well we communicate in large part determines how successful we will be on the job and our level of personal job satisfaction. And how poorly we communicate certainly contributes to our personal relationships with our clients, coworkers, subordinates, and upper executives.

The Savant Communication in Business Seminar addresses techniques to avoid and resolve conflicts, to give criticism more effectively (and take criticism less defensively), to listen more attentively, and to read nonverbal cues accurately.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for all sales, marketing, business development, and other professionals who are interested in improving their overall business communication skills.   

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