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BioChip and DNA-Chip Seminar

What is a Biochip? A DNA-Chip? A Genetic-Chip? What is Lab-on-a-Chip technology? Equally important, are these technologies driving the next revolution in the field of medicine? The Savant BioChip and DNA-Chip Seminar explores the potential of this emerging technology.

A  Biochip is a collection of very miniaturized test sites (microarrays) that are arranged on a solid substrate. Just as today's electronic chips perform millions of mathematical operations in a fraction of a second, a Biochip can perform thousands of biological reactions  in a few seconds by utilizing its miniaturized test sites, all on one chip. These new technologies may someday make widespread disease-screening cost-effective, as well as the monitoring of patient therapies.  Indeed, considerable work remains to be done. The Federal Government's Human Genome Project, pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies, universities--these and other forces are driving the development of Biochip and DNA-Chips technology. So far, because of the cost of market entry, only a few companies have been able to commercialize DNA-Chip products.

The Savant BioChip and DNA-Chip Seminar reviews the highlights of these technologies and examines some of the market forces that are driving commercialized product development. The seminar also discusses who's who in these fields, their potential solutions and products, the commercialization challenges facing companies in these new markets, and prospective near- and long-term potential applications for these new technologies. In addition, this seminar reviews the highlights of  some regulatory challenges and the key chip cost issues.

Who Should Attend

This one-day seminar is designed for all business executives, professionals in the field of medicine, and marketing, sales, business development professionals who are interested in getting a comprehensive overview of Biochips, DNA-Chips, etc., from the perspective of technology and market opportunities and applications.


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