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RFID Overview: Technology, Market, and Opportunities!


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is revolutionizing the way suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, track products and inventory by bringing innovative wireless technology and advanced data-managing and -processing capabilities into their overall operation as part of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) process.


From Wal-Mart to the U.S. Department of Defense, early efforts are already showing significant RFID benefits; however, the industry needs a broader RFID talent pool with a greater understanding of hardware and software, system integration, and data processing.


“RFID Overview” is a highly informative seminar that provides you with a good understanding of RFID fundamentals, hardware and software requirements and challenges, system integration overview, security and privacy issues, market opportunities and trends, and much more. With the knowledge and practical information you gain in Savant’s “RFID Overview” seminar, you will possess the information and understanding that you need to start evaluating how RFID should be implemented in your specific business model and dealing with system and integration issues with awareness. This seminar also discusses RFID market opportunities, applications, and trends.    


If you are a supplier, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, or are involved in any aspect of SCM, this highly informative seminar provides you with an excellent overview of RFID technology, markets, and opportunities. Drawing on extensive knowledge and experience, Farhad Mafie will provide you with essential information on this exciting, disruptive, and challenging emerging technology.



In the Savant “RFID Overview” seminar you will find information on:


·         RFID technology

·         An RFID Market Overview

·         Building a business case for RFID

·         Tags and tag protocols, including the Electronic Product Code (EPC)

·         Readers and reader protocols

·         RFID middleware

·         Security and privacy

·         Managing RFID devices

·         RFID's impact on business



Detailed Seminar Outline*


An Introduction to RFID Technology and the RFID Market

1.      An Introduction to RFID

2.      The RFID Era

3.      How Is an RFID Tag Different From a Bar Code?

4.      RFID for Personal Productivity

5.      RFID for Business Productivity

6.      Application Types and Examples

7.      Traditional RFID Market Segments

a.      Automotive Industry

b.      Retail

c.      Medical

d.      Emerging Applications for RFID in Fleet Management

e.      Other Segments

8.      Usage Models

9.      Market Drivers:  Where Is the Bang for the Buck?


Industry Initiatives

1.      Wal-Mart RFID System Requirements

2.      Advanced Shipping Notice Integration

3.      Other Retail Industry RFID Initiatives

4.      Global Retail Initiatives

5.      RFID Opportunities


RFID Architecture

1.      Key Building Blocks and Functionalities

2.      Faraday's Magnetic Field Induction Experiment

3.      What Constitutes an RFID System?

4.      RFID System Components

5.      Systemic Quality Considerations

6.      Architecture and System Guidelines

7.      System Management



1.      Tag Types (Active and Passive Tags)

2.      Data Carrying Options

3.      Tag Construction

4.      Tag Frequencies

5.      Passive Tag Communication

6.      dEPC Tag Classes

7.      Tag Singulation Process

8.      Tag Selection and Placement


Physical Considerations

1.             Tag Programmability

2.             Power Source

3.             Air Interface

4.             RF Effects of Common Materials

5.             Information Storage and Processing Capacity

6.             Tag Standards


What Is an RFID Protocol?

1.             Tag Protocols

2.             Protocol Terms and Concepts

3.             How Tags Store Data

4.             Technology Options and Possibilities

5.             Semiconductor Tags and Nanometer Technologies

6.             Singulation and Anti-Collision Procedures

7.             Tag Features for Security and Privacy

8.             Semiconductor Tag Market


From Bar Codes to Smart Labels

1.             Label Certification

2.             Encoding, Printing, and Validating Smart Labels

3.             Readers and Printers

4.             Building Blocks of an RFID Reader

5.             Logical Components of an RFID Reader

6.             Building Blocks of RFID Printers

7.             Types of Readers

8.             Trends and Possibilities


Layout for Readers and Antennas

1.             Transformers

2.             Basic Radio Communication

3.             What Is “Resonance”?

4.             Digital Modulation

5.             Near Field and Far Field

6.             UHF Readers

7.             Possible UHF Reader and RF Processor

8.             Antennas

9.             Magnetic and Electric Fields Around Antennas

10.         Configuring Readers


Reader Protocols

1.             Parts of a Reader Protocol

2.             Possible Reader Software Stack

3.             Reader Implementation Challenges

4.             Vendor Protocols

5.             EPCglobal Protocol Overview

6.             Simple Lightweight RFID Reader Protocol

7.             Future Protocols


What Is Middleware?

1.             Need for Middleware

2.             Functions of Middleware

3.             RFID Middleware

4.             Logical Architecture

5.             Application-Level Events Specifications

6.             RFID Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

7.             RFID Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs)


RFID Information Service

1.             RFID Data

2.             Dealing with Data

3.             Key Data Concepts

4.             ISO and EPCglobal

5.             The EPCglobal Network

6.             The Object-Naming Service

7.             Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS)


Smart Start to RFID

1.             Development Environment

2.             Choose Smart Partners

3.             Piloting Smart Labels and Label Placement

4.             System Integration

5.             ROI Lies Beyond Mere Compliance


RFID Standardization and Manageability

1.             RFID Standardization

2.             RFID Edge-Development Options

3.             Capabilities Needed for Edge Management

4.             Standards and Technologies

5.             Some Common Terms


Privacy and Security

1.             Privacy and Security Issues

2.             RFID Privacy

3.             RFID Security


The Future

1.             Semiconductor Challenges

2.             Memory Technologies

3.             RFID Standards

4.             Technology Trends

5.             Business Trends

6.             Opportunities


Course Handout Will Include:

1.             References

2.             Glossary





Farhad Mafie, President and CEO of Savant Company Inc., has over 20 years of experience in semiconductor and computer businesses and more than 10 years of university-level teaching experience.  Farhad is the former Vice President of Marketing/Business Development and Technical Sales Engineering at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. He was responsible for marketing the entire line of Toshiba standard ICs, such as RFID hardware and system solutions. He was also responsible for engineering development for Toshiba's Embedded and Digital Consumer products and solutions based on ASSP and SoC Models.


Farhad has also worked at Lucent Technologies on marketing communications ICs, at Toshiba Information Systems on product definition for Toshiba's notebooks and handheld products, at Unisys on designing new processors and computer systems, and MSI Data at on designing data collection products.  He has a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from California State University, Fullerton.


For more than 10 years Farhad has developed and taught highly informative and leading-edge technology- and business-related seminars for business professionals on a worldwide basis.  His combined business and academic experience has given Farhad a unique ability to effectively communicate complex new technologies to business professionals at all levels, as well as the ability to foresee emerging leading-edge technologies.   Farhad is an author and a translator, and he writes articles for a variety of journals and Web-based magazines on technology and political affairs.



* Seminar outline is subject to change.  Savant Company Inc. reserves the right to revise or modify the above outline at its sole discretion.


Who Should Attend:

This seminar is designed for technology executives, management professionals in engineering, marketing, sales, business development, RFID evangelists, systems engineers, applications engineers, systems integrators, VARs, etc.,  who are interested in an overview of RFID technology, its potential market, applications, and possibilities.


For information and registration, please contact:




We can customize any of our seminars or develop a new seminar to meet the unique challenges and needs of your organization.



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